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Currency trends in the foreign exchange market are changing rapidly. Looking back on 2019, the global financial market was turbulent and black swan events emerged one after another. In 2020, many time bombs were also released.

At 2:00 a.m. on March 16, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points. After the decision was announced, the US dollar exchange rate fell, US bond yields plunged, and gold skyrocketed.

The most active April gold futures contract on COMEX had a trading volume of 10,082 lots in one minute at 02:00 Beijing time, and the buying value of more than 1.2 billion US dollars caused the gold price to rise by more than 10 US dollars in the short-term, and the intraday peak reached 1,219.36 US dollars per ounce. The U.S. dollar index fell sharply in the short-term, falling close to 1% at one point.

The prices of safe-haven assets rose rapidly, with spot gold rising by $10 to $1,263 in a short-term, and silver up 0.66%; the yen rose sharply, with USD/JPY now at 110.31. Crude oil also reacted significantly, with Brent crude oil and WTI crude oil futures both rising more than 1%.

The roller coaster-style market often catches everyone off guard. CANG LIMITED reminds everyone to be careful of the risks in "stimulus", and be sure to do strict risk control in your own transactions.

Fast transaction, speed is king

A good racer needs a good car, and a good car can't reach its limits without great accessories.

In foreign exchange trading, the stability and speed of the server can be said to play the role of an "engine" in the transaction process. The foreign exchange market can be calculated in minutes and seconds. When a wave of market conditions comes, a smooth server will make your transactions extremely comfortable. .

CANG LIMITED has established its own data center around the world, connecting the bank-level servers in New York, London and Hong Kong with optical fiber, with up to 12 times the execution speed and minus 10 times the delay, to the greatest extent possible to eliminate repeated quotations and provide customers with Create an experience-first trading environment. In addition, CANG LIMITED's deposit and withdrawal speed is equally impressive, and the deposit and withdrawal are accepted within an average day.

As a veteran foreign exchange broker in Australia, CANG LIMITED FMK provides you with all favorable trading conditions and market news, and provides you with all necessary educational support to help you gallop on the road of trading at high speed and with passion.

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